Vrede op aarde voor alle mensen van goede wil.

Peace on earth for all people who wish to be good

HOME, sweet home
zoals het klokje THUIS tikt ...

Marian in Manokwari (1957)
Astrid in the garden
Suzanne (carnival)
our three ladies (recently)
Michiel and Frank (Epen 1984)
our four dear 'naughty' children (1987)
recent little pictures of our three handsome sons
Marian's elder brother Ger and elder sister Drude in 1938
Marian's parents Karel and Else in love immediately after the war
Suzanne and her cat which she saved from death (1996)
my father and mother with our eldest two (1982)
wedding photo of Marian's sister Drude (1960)
home: papa & mama, brothers, sisters etc
Marian's father and mother (1983)
Marian and boys (1981)
Frank in 1995
Anna in Bokrijk
Suzanne, Jeroen, Michiel
Theo and me before Sinterklaas (1955)
me with my parents (holy communion, 1958)
here you find even more family pictures and ancestors