war and liberation

The tenth of May 1940, early in the morning, the German Army suddenly attacked Maastricht. The defenders could blow up the two bridges across the Maas just in time. But German superiority was much too large.
The next day already, British air attacks killed 13 citizens. In November 1941, a big bomb on Blauwdorp killed 25 citizens; and in August 1944, more bombs killed another 92 citizens in the town district called Quartier Amélie. During four years and four months, Maastricht people often sheltered in cellars and casemattes.
During the war, up to 32 Maastricht resistance heroes died. They conveyed up to 80 allied pilots to safe places. Alas, in Maastricht were also 8 traitors, among them one woman. They collaborated with the cruel Gestapo-chief Nitsch. He seized up to 300 dutch people.
The tenth of September 1944, the Old-Hickory-divison took the fortress Eben-Emael near Kanne without a blow. On 13 and 14 September they liberated Maastricht. The Germans had already fled in disorder.
The American Ninth Army took its headquarters in the Maastricht Veldeke College. In the picture you see the 'big boys' there during a visit. From left to right you see the generals Bradley, Tedder, Eisenhower, Montgomery and Simpson.

another picture