the early medieval era

Saint Servaas was the first of twenty-five holy Maastricht bishops. The Maastricht-born bishop Saint Lambert (see the picture) warned 'hofmeier' (court mayor) Pepijn van Herstal to be true to his wife, and was consequently murdered in 708 or 709. The last bishop was Saint Hubert, who moved the episcopal seat to Liege (which was very small in those days).
Upon the grave of Saint Servaas a 'templum magnum' was built that was to become the Church of Saint Servaas. The grave was to attract many pilgrims. On the site of the Roman templum dedicated to the goddess Diana, a church was built that was to become the Church of Onzelievevrouw (Virgin Mary).
Charlemagne (Carolus Magnus, emperor of the Francs) had a palts (simple palace) in Maastricht. After the death of Charlemagne, the Vikings plundered Maastricht. But they didn't destroy the city altogether. It survived to become an apple of discord for the kings and rulers.

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