Once upon a time, Pete Ricepudding went for a walk through the forest.
Soon it became dark, and because Pete Ricepudding did not know the way, he had gone astray.
He began to worry a bit, and then he heared the howling of a wolf: yahoohoohoo ...
Now Pete Ricepudding was really afraid, and he stood trembling on his legs.
Then suddenly he saw the wolf.

"Good morning", he said (though in fact it was evening), "my name is Pete Ricepudding." The wolf pricked up his ears and began to wag his tail.
Pete Ricepudding sighed with relief, and continued to seek the way home. The wolf came along behind him, wagging his tail.
They took the paths that went downwards, again and again, but sometimes the path went upwards suddenly after turning a corner, and sometimes the path turned out to have a dead end.
But finally, when it was almost pitch-dark, they arrived at a river.

Pete Ricepudding

But how could they get to the other side of the river?
Pete Ricepudding had a splendid idea: he would take off his clothes, one after another, and throw them to the other side. Then he would swim naked to the other side, and dress himself there. Then he would stand on the other side of the river with dry clothes.
Thus he thought and thus he did. Pete Ricepudding took off his sweater, swung with his arm, and threw the sweater to the other side.
But ... surprise! That wolf jumped into the water, swam to the other side, took the sweater in his mouth, and brought it back to Pete Ricepudding.

They continued to do this for a long time. Whenever Pete threw an article of clothing to the other side, the wolf went to bring it back.
Finally there appeared a boat with a cop on it.
"What queer games are you playing?", he asked.
Pete Ricepudding told him everything. After that, he and the wolf were allowed to go with the policeman back home, on the boat.
The wolf stayed with Pete and his mother for two weeks, and he got water and delicious dog- cake every day. Then suddenly he disappeared. Now he lives in the forest again.