Het daghet in den oosten

Het daghet in den oosten
het lichtet overal.
Hoe luttel weet mijn liefken
och waer ick henen sal.

Och warent al mijn vrienden
dat mijn vijanden sijn
ick voerde u uuten lande
mijn lief, mijn minnekijn.

Dats waer soudi mi voeren
stout ridder wel gemeyt?
Ic ligge in mijns liefs armkens
met grooter waerdicheyt.

Ligdy in uus liefs armen?
Bilo, ghi en segt niet waer!
Gaet henen ter linde groene
versleghen so leyt hi daer.

Tmeysken nam haren mantel
ende si ghinc eenen ghanck
al totter linde groene
daer si den dooden vant.

Och, ligdy hier verslaghen
versmoort in al u bloet?
Dat heeft gedaen u roemen
ende uwen hooghen moet.

Och, ligdy hier verslaghen
die mi te troosten plach?
Wat hebdy mi ghelaten?
So menighen droeven dach.

Tmeysken nam haren mantel
ende si ghinck eenen ganck
al voor haers vaders poorte
die si ontsloten vant.

Och, is hier eenich heere
oft eenich edel man
die mi mijnen dooden
begraven helpen can?

Die heeren sweghen stille
si en maecten gheen geluyt.
Dat meysken keerde haer omme
si ghinc al weenende uut.

Si nam hem in haren armen
si custe hem voor den mont
in eender corten wijlen
tot also menigher stont.

Met sinen blancken swaerde
dat si die aerde op groef
met haer snee witten armen
ten grave dat si hem droech.

Nu wil ic mi gaen begeven
in een cleyn cloosterkijn
ende draghen swarte wijlen
ende worden een nonnekijn.

Met haer claer stemme
die misse dat si sanck
met haer snee witten handen
dat si dat belleken clankc.

At daybreak it is dawning

At daybreak it is dawning,
the light falls on the way.
How little knows my darling
where I will go today.

If some were not my enemies
that ought to be my friends,
I'd carry you to countries
beyond the eastern winds.

Which countries would we enter,
you bold and reckless boy?
My darling is my center
of pleasantry and joy.

Your darling is there with thee?
I'm sure this isn't true!
Down by the linden you will see
him lying slain and blue.

The girl called her fox hound
to walk him through the lane.
And next the linden tree she found
her darling blue and slain.

Why do you lie here dying
and smothered in your blood?
Why do you leave me crying
who loved you quite a lot?

You thought you'd make him stumble
because he lacked your fame.
I wish you were more humble,
your courage is to blame.

The lady kissed her lover,
and called her faithful dog.
She struggled to recover
and went home through the fog.

Is here a man so gentle
he'll help me dig the grave?
Because it's fundamental
as nobles we behave.

The gentlemen kept silent,
their eyes stayed cool and dry.
The lass delayed a while and
went then outside to cry.

She took him in her arms,
she kissed him on his cheek,
remembering his charms
and boldness so to speak.

She used his sword to furrow
a large trench in the ground,
her snow white arms to burrow
the best grave all around.

Now I will join a convent,
some small house for a nun,
and go where all the meek went
to leave the joy and fun.

She sang the mass so sweetly
because her voice was clear.
She rang the bell so neatly
with in her eyes a tear.

Vertaling - HFH Reuvers Maastricht juni 2017 - Translation