When Pete Ricepudding was still a student, he once saw a beautiful girl. Indeed, he never had seen such a pretty girl before. She was so tender, so fragile! He stepped up to her without delay and they agreed upon a conversation at her place. He went to her house on his bike, and brought a bunch of red roses. They had a chat about the Beatles, the pope, students' life, and many other subjects.
Three weeks later, she visited him unexpectedly, wearing a training suit. She was lucky to find him at home, because it was a nice day to go outside. Pete had just put on a record of an evergreen song with the following lyrics: "... So come, all you young lovers, take a warning from me, and never hang your affections on a green growing tree. For the leaves they will wither, roots will decay, and the beauty of a young maid will soon fade away. ..."
Pete opened the door to let her enter, but he had already laid the warning to heart. He made, just for her, a cup of lukewarm instant coffee and switched the television on, so they could see the news together. Thereafter, Pete began talking about the usefulness of studying, but, alas, you couldn't call it a real conversation.

When she left, Pete said he didn't like women's sports very much, because those women who are more like men are more likely to win. For similar reasons he didn't like sports for handicapped people. Those who are less handicapped have more chance to win. While Pete was still making his point, the visitor left his apartment without saying a word and walked away in her sporting dress without looking backward.

Many years later, Pete saw her again when watching a peace march she was participating in. She looked almost as weak and shaky as in the olden days. To encourage her, Pete quickly jumped in front of her, and tipped her a wink in passing.
But she didn't receive it favourably. When he was going away after the event, she suddenly came after him, and gave him with her handbag a blow on the head that made him see stars and planets.